Have you considered virtual reality for your app? You should.

VR or virtual reality may not be as fancy or "game-like" or just too far away as you think. There are many use cases where VR can be used with great success in an everyday software!

What is it?

Virtual reality enables companies to simulate environments within their software. With these applications, users can experience a real environment without physically visiting the place or they can move around within an imaginary environment. So, for example, a person from across town, in another state, or even across the globe, can experience the environment, without leaving her couch! A Star Wars fan might find herself on a Star Destroyer or a Republic Cruise ship making decisions with the help of the Force – and a VR software.


Why should I consider it? 

The use of VR can be in many facets of a software application. Many of our customers shy away from VR saying that it's just too fancy or not a good fit for their business. But if you think about it a bit more you'll find many benefits using virtual reality where you'd think none existed. Here are some example areas where we have convinced our existing or new customers to re-think their applications and to leverage this upcoming technology: 

  • Cost Savings: Rather than build training room or use much needed space, companies can build virtual class rooms that simulate their new employees’ work environment.  
  • Real-Life Interactive Training: Human Resources use virtual reality software to build training modules that mimic specific scenarios, and employees can interact with these modules from a convenient location. Such training often keeps learners engaged and helps to build confidence.
  • Experience a User’s Pains: "Remoting" in to a user’s work environtment for specialized help. VR software enables helpdesk attendants to simulate the user’s environment and get a clearer understanding of the way in which the current issues are impacting productivity.
  • Help Customers Try before Buying: Businesses can use virtual reality software to give customers a 360-degree view of products. This helps customers select the most suitable product and reduces sales returns.

So, think again, adding a VR layer might solve many of the challenges in your application or bring in a completely new way of how your software adds value to your customers. If you want our help, we'd love to share our ideas! Give us a ping at info@kaz.com.bd