We just love software development - it's as simple as that. That love brings in the passion to create something amazing. And the passion gives us the energy that drives us. We call it

"the perpetual startup spirit"

That's just the easiest to explain this phenomenon to someone outside Kaz.


Our technical team represents more than 300 years of software development experience. We are a very mixed group with expertise ranging from device driver developments to style sheets.  On the technology preference front we are equally varied, revolving our lives from Java to .NET to objective C to C++ with occasional dips into something more unusual like erlang or sleeping!


We are not just a place where software gets made. We see our space as a place for solving problems, for fun and creativity, for crafting things that are as simple to use as they are beautiful to look at. Our culture is open and without hierarchy.


We are great believers of the Agile methodology in software development. Everything is bound to change and we are prepared for that change. We love to develop in small steps - giving our customers something to look at and give us feedback in at every stage.


We just love what we do.

Our passion creates the electrifying environment where every team is on a mission. A mission to get things done, to see thoughts turned into reality. Our clients love us for this and time and time we have proved that this passion is the biggest factor that differentiates us from everyone else.

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Strong technical skills are our biggest asset.

We have wide experience both in development platforms and business domains. Over the years we have worked on project ranging from trivial to immensely challenging and in the process have gain in depth knowledge about different technology platforms.

We hire only best in market and we have regular internal and external training sessions to keep us at the top our profession. Kaz's technical prowess is well known in Bangladesh's software community and is recognized both by our clients and our peers all over the world. We contribute regularly in famous technical sites, blogs and newsgroups and have won many prestigious accolades including MVP (Microsoft's most valued programmer award), numerous CodeProject articles of the month, etc.

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Great software is all about creativity. A company can hire the most skilled people with great passion but without a proper culture the teams can never create great software. We acknowledge this fact every day.

We work hard to ensure that the creativity is nourished by our environment. Teams have total independence in their way of work, our spaces are defined by the need for time for reflection and thought. Even our sitting arrangements are based on patterns for contemplation.



Flow is the ultimate secret for a successful software process and every step in our project delivery process is centered on this fact.


We are strong believers of the "agile" way of doing things - accepting that change is the character of software development and the only process that can work is the one that can handle change efficiently. 


Our customers MUST see at every point of the process the product at its current state on a daily basis - this is our guiding principle. We expose everything from product build server to our task management system to achieve this principle.

This brings in transparency to our process but more importantly it opens the door for continuous feedback and continuous opportunity to make minor corrections.


Feedback Driven

We ensure that all channels of communication are open both within the team and with the clients. We push for events and situations for feedback arranging regular demos, ad-hoc usability tests, project assessment sessions, etc. Feedback makes it possible for us to continuously fine tune every aspect of a project.

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Because we are based out of Bangladesh we offer our clients a great cost advantage. Our costs are typically less than 30% of typical software development cost of similar level in the West. This significant cost advantage coupled with our passion for development, wide range of skills, culture of creativity and standardized process of software development give our clients the essential edge in operation and business.

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