We have a great working environment with a rich culture of fun and professionalism that attracts the best talents.


We are a custom software company in Bangladesh. We started as a start-up software outsourcing company in 2004. We became a Bangladesh limited company in 2005 and have been growing every year.

We find technical solutions for our clients. Typically this would mean we are building software products for them, but sometime we would be doing something completely different like researching business data or setting up their firewall.


We don't hire developers, designers or QA engineers, we hire people who solve problems. And we hire only the best. We run regular training and review sessions to keep us on the top. And our culture of constructive criticism, learning and sharing expands our horizons and keeps us level headed.



Culture of fun and creativity

We believe in the simple principle that creative work requires a special kind of work culture. We are very careful to maintain a culture that helps attract talented people and helps them achieve their best performance. This culture starts from work place structure to operating principles of the development teams.

We have a great working environment at our office space "Nirvana" totally custom designed for a software development company. From color selection to furniture orientation we have been very careful to create an environment that actively enhances the knowledge exchange and collaborative nature of our work.

Abstraction layers

Creative work needs a space and culture that gives freedom from everyday worries. The abstraction layer.

We achieve our abstraction layers by creating place where you are free. A space that is friendly (have you recently told your project manager how clueless he is?), informal, fun (have you played indoor cricket at work recently? Or been to a company party - all expenses paid 10 day trip to Goa?), knowledge oriented (we have weekly seminars of technology, mentoring is a big priority for all team members).

Culture of fun and passion

There is no doubt that there is something wrong with us - but in a good way (we think)!

We are always obsessed with something. The object of obsession changes over time, sometimes is just a new programming trick that someone has found, or sometimes its a game that we are playing. People outside of Kaz point these out as signs of our insanity. But we are proud of them.

Here is a random sampling. But if you really want to know what we are up to (or what we've done, but management won't allow that to be published on the website) visit our FB page!



Living to eat and drink, hackathons, sports, trips all over the world and other stories

One thing we are particularly famous for are our parties. We are seriously into eating and drinking - as all custom software companies should be we think.

"Kaz Catering Service" has earned a good reputation over the years arranging for great buffets and cocktail parties. It is so good the people sometimes ask us for catering for their events! We haven't expanded into that business yet thinking that the insanity might scare our potential customers, but you never know :)


Kaz Premier League -KPL

We are just crazy about cricket - the game we inherited from our colonial past. Every year in May we have this Kaz premier league (KPL) game and we go crazy preparing for the games or buying players or betting on outcomes. There are huge parties on the final day. Crazy but great fun.

This is the video that that the designers made for the 2012 game. 

Trying out the big boys at corp. league

Cricket doesn't always work for us - we played in the local corporate league and that was a disaster :(  For those unfamiliar with the world of cricket: sledging  is a term used in cricket to describe the practice whereby some players seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating the opposing player. The purpose is to try to weaken the opponent's concentration, thereby causing him to make mistakes. 

Helping the community

We are strong believers that we as group of thinking humans have a very important responsibility for people around us. Our country has its share of woes and problems. We feel that we can play a role in our march towards a better and prosperous future. 

We are involved with many efforts in helping the community around us. One our big long term project is a partnership with an organization called Prothom Shurjo (প্রথম সূর্য - Bangla for "first sun") that helps street children in the area near us by arranging education, food and shelter for them. They also run various training programs for them to teach them skills that they can use. Visit their Facebook site to see the great things they are doing:

Our blog also has stories about what we are doing with them

Join us

You don't need to be a CS major to work here, but you need to be ridiculously smart and you have to like getting things done. If you think you can write a search engine like google, then you probably are a good fit for us!

Technology / language should not be a big issue for you, whatever comes your way you should be able to learn and adapt. Typically used technologies at Kaz are C/C++, .NET (C#, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET, etc.), Java (various Java frameworks like Struts, Spring, JSF, GWT, Jboss, etc.).

If you think you fit in with our culture and our requirements then please send a short email to

Explain why you like software engineering/ graphics / SQA as a profession. Attach your CV to the email; please name the CV document in the following format: PrimaryLanguage_Years of Experience_Name (e.g. C#_10_Bill Gates.doc, Photoshop_5_Van Gogh.doc)