Bangladesh is fast becoming the next big destination in software development outsourcing and offshoring.

Over the last few years the volume of software projects offshored here has doubled almost every year. More that 20,000 people are now working in this industry. 

A good summary of state of software outsourcing in Bangladesh and it's potential can be gleaned from a KPMG analysis that was done. Garter identified Bangladesh as one of the top 30 countries for offshore services in 2011.

The cost advantages of outsourcing software to Bangladesh is significant when compared with other possible destinations for offshore software development like India, Poland, Sri Lanka. The large number of computer graduates coming out from the universities every year coupled with the strong English speaking skills make it possible for the IT outsourcing industry to grow very fast. A large number of software projects has been executed here over the past few years and many international IT companies themselves have setup offshore development centers here. This has had the effect of bringing experience and skills to the resource pool.

Average cost of a 25 people software project  Source : KPMG report on emerging IT/ITes Outsourcing

Average cost of a 25 people software project

Source : KPMG report on emerging IT/ITes Outsourcing

Kaz Software - a leader in the outsourcing industry

Kaz software stands out as one of the top software companies in the IT services industry in Bangladesh. We have been doing software development outsourcing from Bangladesh since 2004. More than 20 companies from various countries of the world has offshored software projects with us over these years.

We believe we are the trend setters for proper development process, company culture and management required for the unique needs of outsourcing to offshore destination. This has been acknowledged by the industry with awards and informal communication putting us a one of the leaders in this sector.

Most recently we won the prestigious BASIS best outsourcing award for 2013 and 2014.  BASIS represents software industry in Bangladesh and plays a significant role in the stability and standardization for the offshore software projects that have been outsourced to various software companies in Bangladesh.

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