Barbecued dog is good for software

Sorry for the show of the bad taste in the title. It is however not completely done for the sake of sensationalism. The idea for the title comes from a trip by the sea that we at Kaz software went to. We did a big barbecue of a whole lamb spit roasted on top of an open fire on the beach. Somehow someone claimed that it could easily pass on as a barbecued dog and that phrase caught on. So in the folksonomy of Kaz a barbecued dog party is where we do a barbecue under the open sky - something that we do at every chance we get.

So why is  it good?

It's good for different reasons. But at the core they are all the same - it brings people together and creates a bonding. There is something in making food together sitting around the open fire with smell of burnt meat in the air that brings out a very innate human bonding. Maybe it's the left over traces of a hunter gatherer tribe, maybe it's the psychological security and assurance we feel in the act. Whatever it is, it works like magic in making friends. And as we are all aware, a gelled team is the biggest factor for a successful software.