Top software company in Bangladesh

We became 15 this year. Starting from a small startup with just four people to one of the top software company in Bangladesh has been a long journey. There is a lot that we have learnt on the way and in today’s blog is about the lessons we have learnt in journey to becoming one the best software company in Bangladesh.

Hiring the best

There is no way around this. A software company is only as good as the skill of its people. If you don’t hire the best talents there is no way you’ll be the best IT company around.

The real challenge in hiring the best is of course finding, attracting and retaining the best talents. That’s a full time work for a company. It is not something you can stop and start once is a while. This is something that has to be in the top of any long term or short term strategy that the company adopts.

We think we have been relatively successful in attracting the best talents in software and IT in Bangladesh. We’ve have written in the past about some of our “secrets” (not really any secret though, just common sense). Here’s one about our interviewing process that has helped us a lot: The dumb interviewer

Keeping the edge sharp

Software is such a field that if you are not up to date you are simply not good enough. To be the best in software development you’ll need to keep your talent always up to date with recent developments in technology. And this something that we do as a priority.

Knowledge is something that you can’t just tick a box and it gets done. You need to setup a system that automatically encourages people to learn and makes that process a constant thing. We have various methods for this, starting from simple seminars and workshops to multi-day training sessions and code camps.

A creative work environment

Now that you have the best talents and they are all trained to go don’t think that would automatically lead to the top software company. The missing piece in this is the setting the backdrop for your talents to work in. A work environment for creative space such as software development needs to be tuned, so that the software developers feel comfortable and creative. There is a multitude of things that you have to do to make this work and we have written extensively about what we do at Kaz to make this happen. We think the start is setting up the physical work space, here are some details about what we do in that aspect: work space design for a software company . Once you have the physical aspect covered you need the not so tangible team effects to kick in, here is an article we wrote that describes this element: recipe for a great software team.

And then there needs to be close eye on the culture of the teams. We have always been careful to monitor this and trying to quantify it (not an easy task for sure).

I think these elements has enabled us to deliver amazing software products over the past 15 years. Making us one of the top software and IT companies in Bangladesh. Here’s a quick facts numbers I stole from one of our presentations. Companies from one person startups to Fortune500 giants trust to make their software solutions.

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That’s it for today!