Java still loves you - Please wait

You must've got that irritating message popping up when you log-in to your windows where it says there is a new version of Java available (or even worse the windows UAC pop-up with the worrying question of "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?" ). Well take solace in the fact you are not the only one in history - Java has been irritating the humans with this for quite some time. Joel even wrote a small article in his blog as far back as 2009 and came up with the wise words


"...This whole damn dialog could read

Java Loves You—Please Wait

without any loss in functionality..."


Well nothing has changed in the intervening years. The message is exactly the same wildly pompous message of 

“By installing Java, you will be able to experience the power of Java”

Actually somethings have changed - Java is now Oracle and the UI has managed become even worse (how they managed this feat is amazing though, extra brownie points for the red hyperlink).


Then ...


And now ...

PS. Just a quick disclaimer- we are no Java hate group, actually we love it. Kaz Software has a very strong Java team (it has always had one right from our humble beginning). We work and have worked on all sorts of Java based web applications and love the robustness of the platform.