Custom Carrom Board for a Custom Software Company

Our annual Kaz Carrom League is in the offing. Carrom is a game we love to concentrate our passion on during the rainy months of June and July. If you know anything about Bangladesh's rain you'd know why :)

With the carrom fever coming up we've been in search of the perfect carrom board since our old ones are dying out. But one of life's lessons was the fact that there are no perfect carrom boards out there.

Just as some problems in this world just needs a custom software, we needed a custom built carrom board.

So work is in progress for that perfect board. I list some of the spec items for this perfect board for your reference.




Varnished sides with grains that contrasts well with carrom men

Did you know that the carrom disks are called men?  They are are and they deserve the proper varnished sides to settle down.

Extra wide sides

Because you need need your hands to relax while you wait for your turn.  Basic primal requirement.

custom carrom board extra wide edges

custom carrom board corners

Smooth rounded edges

There is no insult in life greater than being pronged by the sharp edge of the board when you've just missed your chance to grab the queen


Strong joints to last a lifetime

Some people say that the strength of the joints transmit to the spirit of the game. 

custom carrom board back

Extra strong back support

These boards will last a long time as will Kaz and we want to make sure posterity remembers us.  

N.B. Just in case you are new here: we are a custom software company  in Bangladesh making custom web, desktop and mobile apps for other companies and being very good at it! Check out this page to know more about our software development work culture and environment.