Skills/Selenium WebDriver

Here are some of the things we have done:

  • Integration of browser automation via WebDriver API in C#/Java applications. 
  • Writing and maintaining Selenium WebDriver scripts for SQA projects.
  • Integrating regression testing/unit testing with build systems based on custom WebDriver based tests.
  • Use WebDriver to build test suites as part of ASP.NET, Java and Python based web projects.
  • Using WebDriver for load and performance testing and performance tuning.

Selenium WebDriver is a very good platform for browser automation. A major use of browser automation is the automated testing of complex web applications and webdriver is fast becoming the leading technology for this.

We have been involved with webdriver technology in various projects. Our QA teams have long been using for their regression testing frameworks. We have also worked with webdriver for developing applications that uses the browser for our clients. We have considerable skill in coding with the webdriver API for custom automation and automated testing harnesses.

This well rounded skillset augmented with our resource pool with skills in a wide range of areas gives us the ability to offer one stop solution for clients looking for custom browser automation projects.

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