WPF and WCF Gurus

  • WPF and WCF specialists with more than 7 years of experience.
  • XAML guru designers. 
  • XBAP and ClickOnce experts. 

Early Adopters

We were one of the first companies to use the great WPF and WCF technology for production applications. Our first application was a visio like entity diagramming tool built on WPF which had a WCF based back-end to provide all data. We started building this in the end of 2006 and went live with the first version in early 2007 - deployed via the XBAP (XAML Browser Applications) path. We then did a ClickOnce based client side deployment of the application by the end of the year. So no wonder some of the earliest blog posts, codeproject articles and forum answers are from us.


Vast Experience in the WPF / WCF space

We have built and deployed numerous WPF and WCF based applications. We have considerable experience in deploying such solutions via XBAP and ClickOnce over all kinds of networks with authenticated proxies, firewalled networks and secure channels.  

The combination of WPF based desktop app and a WCF based webservice interface makes the ultimate goal of the rich Internet applications (RIA) possible. It opens up the possibility of harnessing the power of the desktop and the rich interactivity possible of a desktop application with the flexibility of a web based application where data and business logic lives. 

We have the rare skillsets of designers with XAML guru credentials - which means we can treat WPF projects just like other web application projects - designers craft the interfaces independent of developers. This makes our WPF surfaces the most beautiful to look at and simple work with.


Want us to help you with your WPF/WCF projects?
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