"Their ideas helped immensely"


iNTERACTi is an angel funded start-up with a mission to change the way the world does training and presentations at meetings and conferences. With the iNTERACTi software it is possible to “gamify” learning processes to bring in engagement, participation and increase the knowledge of your audience . Interacti gives its customers a platform with which they can run a presentation or their “show” as a game. In a game the audience play along and answer quiz questions and polls with their mobile devices. The technology has use in a wide range of industries from teaching to business events.


With limited budget and time, an extensive platform needed to be built. Features included the ability to do various types of surveys in real-time, tools for creation and presenting slides, audio and video, leaderboard, data synchronization and analytics. The interfaces needed to be responsive and be working across a large variety of screen sizes since audience would be using their own devices to participate. The overloading of the network access points was another concern and thus low footprint and high performance was a requirement.


We ran extensive brainstorming and ideation with the founders to pin down the features of the system. These were converted to wireframes and mockups which the founders used to test usability in test user groups. We then developed a Scala and HTML5 based solution. The platform was designed to be highly scalable from the start since large user adoption was a key strategy.  We leveraged the flexibility of cloud storage and processing to stay within the budget yet not compromise on goal of scaling up quickly. An extensive testing regime was introduced to test against a large variety of devices and also against a large load. We ran several usability sessions and mock presentations to seek feedback, since many of the issues (both technical and usability) in such a real-time system are hard to predict from a sandbox testing context.


  • Brainstorm
  • Wireframes and mockups
  • Design and Graphics
  • Software development
  • Hosting, deployment and server maintenance


Our lower costs coupled with agile work process made it possible for iNTERACTi to achieve its product launch within budget and deadline. Our initial phase of brainstorming and ideation helped the founders to create a blueprint of what they wanted to build, which made all subsequent steps easier. Also the availability of various skillset within KAZ such as design, QA, mobile development, systems support etc. meant iNTERACTi did not have to seek multiple technology partners which also helped move the project faster.

The product is now available in limited preview mode. Want to make your own gamified presentation? Go to www.interacti.nl and get your free trial!