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The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is a fully onshore business and financial centre located in Doha, which provides a  platform for firms to incorporate and do business in Qatar and the region. It offers its own legal, regulatory, tax and business infrastructure, which allows 100% foreign ownership and unlimited repatriation of profits, amongst other benefits.

For more information please visit: qfc.qa


QFC needed to provide its customers with a comprehensive database of treaties with Qatar for relief from double taxation. The database required to be regularly updated with new treaties and other documents. The available treaty documents were in scanned format and they needed to be digitized. The interface for the treaty database needed different levels of search and required to be responsive.


Our design team met with the QFC team to create a wireframes to visualize the product. These wireframes were then converted to mockups using the branding guidelines at QFC.

Our development team built a web application which has a publishing back-end and an Angular.js based responsive front end. The full support for populating and maintaining this treaty database is also part of our service. Our content team coordinates with the QFC team to identify the relevant treaty documents and uses various technology to push them into the treaty database.


  • Design and ideation
  • Software development
  • Hosting, deployment and server maintenance.
  • Content creation and maintenance. 


The treaty database web application is already proving a success, bringing QFC’s online presence up to speed with its strong leadership role. Since, Kaz has taken full responsibility of developing, hosting and maintaining the application the impact of maintaining the database on QFC is minimal.