"They really 'got it'"


YourView.com is a unique new way to get local information and suggestions from people who are right there, right now. Simply pick a location you need, find a conversation nearby and "Chime In" Video created by Bryce Falcon


Yourview was an angel funded start-up with a unique concept – create conversations where locations are the subject. The platform let its user find real time information and suggestions about any location by joining live conversations with people who were right there. Businesses and organizations could authenticate themselves and use the platform to approach and support potential customers.


With limited budget and time, an extensive platform needed to be built. The platform required location proximity algorithms, a back-end system for content moderation, advertisement framework, social networking structures along with Facebook integration and mobile apps.





We developed a Java based solution with Javascript front end. The platform was designed to be highly scalable from the start since large user adoption was a key strategy.  Hosted at AWS we leveraged the flexibility of cloud storage and processing to stay within the budget yet not compromise on goal of scaling up quickly.



  • Design and ideation
  • Graphics
  • Software development
  •  Hosting, deployment and server maintenance.



Our lower costs coupled with agile work process made it possible for yourview to achieve its prototype product launch within budget and deadline. Also the availability of various skillset such as design, QA, mobile development, systems support etc. meant yourview did not have to seek multiple technology partners which also helped move the project faster.